Passionate. Loving. Dedicated. Partner. Experienced. Rose Grimes exemplifies all of these characteristics plus a million more. We feel very blessed to have Rosie in our lives. She is truly our boys “other” mother. She loves Hank and Charlie as they are her own and cares for them with her whole heart. There isn’t a day that goes by without a text, email or phone call with a story, picture or update regarding our boys. Rosie’s kids are her life and she is dedicated to their safety, happiness, health and growth.  Her home is our boys home away from home. It is truly a family environment where everyone works together to take care of each other.  Each day we are blessed to know our boys are in a safe, clean and loving environment where they are learning valuable life lessons that will last a lifetime. 
~ Julie and Chad Homsey

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Stretch n Grow
  • Stepping Stones Music
  • Gymnastics 
  • Spanish Classes 
  • Art Class With Rose


These special days are an especially important event in every child’s life that we celebrate.

Children learn to celebrate the various holidays with banners and symbols of the particular day and to share by bringing refreshments from home (sign-up sheets are posted for each occasion). They learn self-esteem when they tell others about themselves, their favorite toys or movies, and favorite foods on their special days.


    My Program

Children who are secure, competent and enthusiastic need a foundation based on routines that are easily understood and enjoyed. The development of sound social skills can be a product of those routines. Sharing, cooperation, patience and the ability to self-quiet are the skills I endeavor to teach. The enjoyment of new experiences and people is a result of becoming capable with those skills. Learning is accomplished in the following ways:


 I incorporate many activities for the children in my child care to foster an exceptional learning environment. Some of these activities are art, cooking, music, story-time, dance, exercise, imagination through pretend play, theme days, singing, and inside and outside play with toys and equipment to develop large and small motor skills.

Field Trips:

Field trips are an excellent way for kids to be introduced to the arts and enjoy activities and sights that they may otherwise not be exposed to. We visit parks, farms, puppet shows, children’s concerts and a variety of other community resources that provide interesting experiences.


Your Partner in Child Care