Your Partner in Child Care

Rose is a wonderful and caring person. She goes above and beyond to provide for the children in her care. She is constantly finding newer and better ways to do things. Rose is an asset to the daycare community and is always willing to go the extra mile to help people out.

                               ~ Kerri McNeal

Rose is an exceptional example of one committed to children and families. As a long-time early education professional, Rose has assisted thousands of families in their ability to peacefully work and know their children were in the best care while they are away. In addition, Rose goes well beyond the 8-5 workday and facilitates support and resources to families long after they have utilized her services. She advocates for the health and well-being of families in Kansas by keeping busy families abreast of policies and legislation that could harm them in the long run and vice versa. 
~ Coco McAtee

Rose is the epitome of the caring childcare provider. But even more so than that, she is an advocate for ensuring the safety and quality of care for all children. She takes her role very seriously--she is not simply a woman who takes in kids during the day while their parents are at work. She provides more than simply a place for them to play safely, get a nutritious meal and take a nap. She focuses on providing educational and thoughtful activities that enrich her children's lives. She cares for them as individuals while in her care and long after they have grown and moved on in their lives. Any parent needing a safe, warm and wonderful environment in which to place their children would be reassured that no one will care for and love their children as much as Rose will. She, truly, is one of the finest providers anywhere.

                                                                                                               ~Gina Kellogg

"When Rose accepted our child, we felt like he had been admitted to Harvard! Besides the rich environment Rose provides, she is very skillful at teaching the children the self-control and socialization they will need for preschool. Rose is a warm, fun and natural teacher."

                    −Marti Moore & Jak Kinsey

"Rose Grimes is an amazing woman who has a true gift with children. She is firm when she needs to be, but fun and nurturing, as well. Both my children love her and still keep in contact with her. She is like family to us. I wouldn’t have wanted my children to be with anyone else!"

                                                           —Lynn Sparks


I didn't realize in home child care could be so appealing! Rose brings in fun professionals for music, exercise, art projects, story tellers, etc... She has a "beach day" in the dead of winter, an Olympics with fun games in the summer and encourages grandparents to come in and share their stories with the children too. Rose provides photos (photo gallery) almost daily so you won't miss a moment while you are away from your child. Since our experience, she now captures video. Her grasp of technology and excitement to use it for your benefit is refreshing. Her conversion van is state of the art for transporting the children around Kansas City as well. Where, you say? To all kinds of cultural arts presentations at children's theater groups, nature walks, the zoo, and she's open to suggestions. How lucky are these kids?! VERY!

The attention and learning opportunities are abundant. Rose's ability to laugh with the children and really connect with each one is what resonates with us most. Dropping off our child was always easy. He'd happily run in to start his day. Picking him up, well, he couldn't wait to go back the next day. We are forever grateful. Even now, our son who is 13 speaks warmly and fondly of Rose. She's another adult he knows is rooting for him and in his corner. His experience was so special to him that he said for several years that he wants to play in the NFL for 5-7 years and then open his own daycare.
                                  Like I said, we are forever grateful.                                           
                                                                                                                    ~Alexis & Matt Ceule